advisory for physicians –

a healthy performance

in healthcare

The healthcare system makes tough demands of all medical staff, be they physicians, dentists, pharmacists or nurses. More than ever, medics are expected to be practice managers. This requires tax expertise, financial foresight and specific skills.

With this in mind, we have created a special service for the healthcare sector. For many years now we have been accompanying clients in this sector, from the setting up of their venture, to expansion and even sale. Based on our in-depth knowledge of the sector, we can provide comprehensive and strategic business and tax support. We cover such areas as liquidity and asset planning, receivables management and dunning systems and much more, covering every aspect of your day-to-day operations.

Are you planning on expanding your practice? Do you want to move into new areas or set up new branches? This is something else that we can advise on. Our all-encompassing approach is always tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Why not tap into our expertise in medicine to ensure your business has a healthy future!

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