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Regular accounting and preparation of the annual accounts are key priorities for any business. Yet not every business is aware of all the options open to them. Our proactive approach will enable you to discover potential and optimize your results. After all, it's not just about giving the tax authorities the information they need to tax you. Your annual financial statements also provide creditors and investors with key information, and provide a sound basis for your own business decisions. We prepare annual financial statements for our commercial and freelance clients. Bookkeeping is carried out by qualified tax experts, who also prepare all of the necessary tax declarations.


The professional management of real estate funds by experts is crucial to their profitability. By focusing on what you want to achieve from your investment, we will take care of the day-to-day bookkeeping, prepare annual accounts and answer all tax queries. In addition we will also deal with commercial property management and the preparation of service charge invoices, as well as supporting budget planning for properties and preparing monthly and/or annual reports.


German tax law is becoming ever more complex with the introduction of many changes to the statutory rules. The best way for private individuals to meet this challenge is to enlist the support of experts. We will provide you with the best possible support as you deal with tax offices and other financial authorities.


Winners are always easily recognizable. And the same applies in business. People starting their own companies, young entrepreneurs and start-ups all need sound commercial, tax and legal advice. We can provide the support you need, leaving you free to focus all of your efforts on your products or services.


Difficult things can be easy if you're an expert, and the sames goes for payroll accounting, an area in which important new changes repeatedly crop up. Processing wages and salaries also involves aspects of income tax law, as well as labor and social insurance law. Our experts will help make your payroll processes more secure, ensuring all tasks are performed with the utmost attention to detail. We are also happy to deal with payroll accounting for our colleagues working in tax advisory.


Two heads are better than one, particularly when we are able to look that bit further afield and draw on our long and varied experience in consultancy.  Giving your decision-making a sound basis, we will support you as you develop and implement customized management and financial information concepts. Thanks to our business expertise, we are also recommended as advisory partners by the Initiative Mittelstand group, which supports German SMBs.

> Find out more: www.offensive-mittelstand.de


Let’s look at your financial future, together. Our wealth and liquidity planning service shows you your net worth, revealing whether your income will cover all of your costs when you retire and how you can optimize your private investments.


We offer the following range of wealth and liquidity planning services for private individuals:

• Analysis of your current financial, personal and professional situation and objectives Report on the
  current situation and recommendations for optimizing your cash deposits and investments

• Recommendations for making the most of your retirement planning and gift/inheritance planning,
  succession planning including customized strategy with corresponding milestones

• Wealth-building investments (holdings in listed and unlisted investment vehicles, real estate,
  banking products and investment funds)

• Finance (loans and other credit)

• Management and advice on issues relating to finance and wealth management

• Family office (management and advice from one generation to the next)

• Document management

• Insurance analysis

• Monitoring of property management

• Execution of wills


The globalization phenomenon entails new challenges for firms based abroad. Businesses with a multinational outlook, trading across borders, need advice on international tax matters. We offer an all-round service, including monthly and annual reporting under US GAAP and IFRS, for foreign subsidiaries based in Germany (Germany inbound).


We offer the following range of all-round services for foreign subsidiaries:

• Registration of your subsidiary or branch office for the purposes of VAT and corporation tax.

• Preparation and submission of income tax, VAT and payroll tax reports.

• We assist in staff deployments and clarify associated questions in regard to tax and social security.

• We apply for waivers or reductions in withholding tax payments in respect of profit distributions
  and license payments, and prepare the necessary declarations.
• We respond quickly to day-to-day questions in relation to VAT, so you can avoid being
  required to make additional tax payments as a result of subsequent audits and investigations.
• We set inter-company billing rates between the parent company and subsidiary at usual market
  levels and document them for the tax authorities.

• We look after the statutory bookkeeping requirement, completing documentation and
  meeting disclosure obligations.

• We prepare annual statements according to your individual requirements for the purposes
  of Group reporting.

• We can prepare monthly and annual reports according to US GAAP and IFRS as
  required by you.


• We offer our premises as the registered address for your company, even if you do not have
  any employees present in our office.

• We will set up bank accounts in Germany and if required can also make payments to your
  creditors in your name.• We will forward relevant correspondence to you and undertake
  any necessary actions in agreement with you.

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